Workmans Comp Laws In Florida

Workmans comp laws in florida – In florida your workers compensation insurance company must authorize the doctor who is treating you. Also unlike many other states workers compensation laws in florida do not require that your employer keep your job available for you to return to when you are healthy enough to do so.

Previously you must understand the background of law and get some Workmans comp laws in florida references in other articles on this website.

We assist injured workers employers health care providers and insurers in following the florida workers compensation rules and laws.

Workmans comp laws in florida. Workers compensation 200 east gaines street workers compensation claims 800 342 1741. Our goal is to ensure that anyone interested or involved in the florida workers compensation system has the tools and resources they need to participate. However construction businesses in florida must carry this coverage for every employee. Workmans comp laws in florida

Welcome to the division of workers compensation. Florida workers comp law mandates that you carry this insurance if your business has more than four employees. Workers compensation exemption compliance 850 413 1609. Workmans comp laws in florida

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