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Types of business degrees reddit – 7 points 2 years ago. Engineers of reddit what engineering degree do you wish you had gotten a degree in knowing what you do now.

Previously you must understand the background of Degree and get some Types of business degrees reddit references in other articles on this website.

Those are the business majors to focus on.

Types of business degrees reddit. Accounting finance supply chain management and management information systems. 15 points 3 years ago. With so many specializations within business degree programs it can be a bit daunting to decide which path to choose. Types of business degrees reddit

Will you cast a wide net by selecting a concentration that is applicable in nearly any business setting like accounting or will you instead opt to sharpen skills specific to one industry like healthcare management. Your next step is choosing between the many different types of business degrees available to you. Business is such a vast field that there are several different educational options to choose from. Types of business degrees reddit

Had a job lined up before i graduated. Posted by u deleted 4 years ago. How are the entry level business majors of reddit s doing now. Types of business degrees reddit

No career in the business field interests me. 24 types of business degrees in high demand. These types of things are the only applications. Types of business degrees reddit

Business administration or management is a very generic degree not worth going to school for. A university should be used to specialize in something. Graduated in 2016 w an accounting degree. Types of business degrees reddit

35k a year with 2 weeks vacation 401k after a year. According to the bureau of labor statistics bls workers belonging to the 10 th percentile earn 18 870 00 while those in the median percentile earn 36 200 00 and a 90 110 00 salary is given to those in the 90 th percentile. These degrees get set up because they are a feather in the cap for the admins. Types of business degrees reddit

Even funnier is that it says my myers briggs type indicator should avoid management and admin but that s exactly what i set myself up for. It shows success on their part if they get the new curriculum all set up and passed by the board. You have to specialize. Types of business degrees reddit

The illustration above shows the percentile of wages for all employees in the business industry. Job prospects for business majors. My first job was a purchasing assistant for a healthcare company. Types of business degrees reddit

Going to school for something like communications or business is a waste of time and money in my opinion. 27 points 3 years ago. A general business major like business administration is pretty useless. Types of business degrees reddit

Business is probably the field least suitable for me and i didn t realize it until recently. They all sound mundane tedious and just all around unappealing. Types of business degrees reddit

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