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Texas expungement lawyer – Our expungement law firm in texas helps people throughout that state of texas to erase those mistakes so that they can move on with their lives. What is an expungement.

Previously you must understand the background of law and get some Texas expungement lawyer references in other articles on this website.

Who is eligible for an expunction.

Texas expungement lawyer. Expungement of criminal records general texas. Texas s expungement and record sealing rules are complicated and the law can change at any time. Licensed for 27 years. Texas expungement lawyer

Upon the petition of a criminal defendant a court can direct certain law enforcement agencies to destroy all records associated with an arrest and subsequent prosecution. In texas deferred adjudication is a type of plea agreement in which the defendant agrees to community supervision probation and the court dismisses the case if the defendant successfully finishes. Texas expungement lawyer see if you qualify to erase your criminal record your petition for expunction must adhere to strict requirements don t get denied work with a top rated texas expungement lawyer. Texas expungement lawyer

Expungement law firm serving all of texas. Former tarrant county prosecutor with 10 years experience dedicated to protecting the rights of my clients. In the age of the internet your past mistakes are more accessible to the public than ever. Texas expungement lawyer

A 1 the court shall provide in its expunction order that the applicable law enforcement agency and prosecuting attorney may retain the arrest records and files of any person who becomes entitled to an expunction of those records and files based on the expiration of a period described by article 55 01 a 2 a i a b or c but without. The criminal defense lawyers at thiessen law firm can help answer case specific questions such as how much does it cost to get my record expunged in texas or can a class c misdemeanor theft in texas be expunged. Licensed for 14 years. Texas expungement lawyer

To learn more about the law and to find out if your criminal record is eligible for sealing or expunction contact an experienced criminal law attorney. Expunction is usually available for people who have had their charges. A texas expungement nondisclosure lawyer can help you determine what record clearing options are available. Texas expungement lawyer

Having your criminal charge removed expunged from your criminal record is high on everyone s priority list. Criminal databases are being created everyday aggregating information on people publishing that information for free on the internet. Call now at 682 710 3625 for a free consulatation. Texas expungement lawyer

We defend people in state and federal court at both the trial court level and post conviction matter. Rather than letting your record be tarnished forever contact us at thiessen law firm and we ll start the process of filing for your expungement in texas. Texas law also allows you to file a nondisclosure petition if you have completed deferred adjudication probation even for most felony cases. Texas expungement lawyer

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