Tennessee Divorce Laws 2020

Tennessee divorce laws 2020 – Tennessee is both a fault based as well as a no fault divorce state. Attempt to kill one s spouse.

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To file for divorce in tennessee either your spouse or you must have lived in the state for a minimum period of 6 months before you can file for divorce.

Tennessee divorce laws 2020. While community property states split marital property equally in half between spouses equitable division states consider several factors before deciding who gets what. Aside from no fault divorces the following charges can lead to a petition for an at fault divorce. Divorce laws in tennessee allow spouses to share marital assets and debts even if the property or debt is titled only in one spouse s name. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

These divorce forms were approved by the tennessee supreme court as universally acceptable as legally sufficient. On behalf of miller law firm sep 30 2020 divorce tennessee is one of many states in the nation that separate marital property using an equitable division model. Other grounds for divorce in tennessee include adultery cruelty drug alcohol addiction and the existence of a previously unresolved marriage. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

If the parties do not have minor children a divorce can be granted 60 days after the complaint for divorce is filed. Generally a marital home acquired during a couple s marriage belongs to both spouses even if the home is only titled in one spouse s name. Tennessee for instance allows no fault divorce after a two year separation if no minor children are involved. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

To file for divorce in tennessee a plaintiff must have been a resident of the state for at least six months. Adultery bigamy impotence refusing to move to tennessee with a spouse. A no fault divorce takes around 2 6 months to be finalized. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

No fault grounds for divorce are irreconcilable differences for an uncontested divorce and living separate and apart without cohabitation for two years given that spouses do not have minor children. Grounds for divorce. In tennessee if divorcing spouses have minor children a divorce cannot be granted for at least 90 days after the complaint for divorce is filed. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

This means that if the forms are filled out correctly that all tennessee courts that hear divorce cases must accept the forms. Fault based grounds for divorce in tennessee include impotence adultery a conviction of an infamous crime or felony alcohol or drug addiction willful desertion for one year bigamy endangering the life of the spouse and cruel treatment among others. Please read the instructions carefully. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

There s a mandatory cooling off period 60 days after the filing of the divorce complaint if the couple does not have kids. An intentional malicious attempt to take the life of one s spouse is grounds for divorce under tennessee law. Courts must divide marital property according to the factors listed in t c a. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

This is referred to as a cooling off period. Who keeps the marital home in a divorce. Tennessee is an equitable distribution state and as such assets identified as marital property must be classified and valued before they can be divided between divorcing spouses. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

In tennessee divorce law desertion for a year or longer is grounds for divorce when the spouse s absence is willful malicious and without reasonable cause or justification. Make sure that these forms fit your situation. Tennessee state divorce laws. Tennessee divorce laws 2020

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