Stafford Student Loan Limits

Stafford student loan limits – Any additional stafford loans received up to the freshman year maximum of 9 500 would be unsubsidized. As a graduate student the only type of loan you may now receive in the direct stafford loan program is unsubsidized.

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Therefore students can borrow only as much as 5 500 a year and up to 23 500 total through this type of loan.

Stafford student loan limits. The direct loans program is the most popular type of federal student loan program accounting for more than three quarters of new student loan volume each year. 3 graduate students are not eligible to receive subsidized loans. Each of these loan limits for federal student loans is per year. Stafford student loan limits

For example a first year dependent student can take out a total of 5 500 in stafford loans. Subsidized loans can make up a maximum of 3 500 of this total. Subsidized stafford loans have stricter limits than unsubsidized. Stafford student loan limits

The higher maximum loan limits for independent students reflects a combination of federal subsidized and unsubsidized stafford loans. You also will be eligible to borrow through subsidized loans for only 150 of the length of your degree program. A stafford loan is a federal student loan provided by the government to help pay for your education while you re attending a university community college trade or technical school. Stafford student loan limits

Stafford loan limits for independent students. Graduate student annual loan limit. Stafford loans are now referred to as direct subsidized loans or direct unsubsidized loans. Stafford student loan limits

Prospective students can apply for two types of stafford loans which are the subsidized stafford loan and the unsubsidized stafford loan. First time undergraduate borrowers on or after july 1 2013 you may receive subsidized stafford loans only up to 150 of the published length of your program. Direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans have fixed annual loan limits and fixed aggregate cumulative loan limits. Stafford student loan limits

Interest rates and fees the federal student aid website maintains and regularly updates information about the current interest rates for federal student loans. The federal student loan limits are lower for subsidized stafford student loans. Beginning july 1 2012 congress has eliminated the subsidized loan for graduate students. Stafford student loan limits

Federal student aid. There is also an aggregate loan limit of 31 000 for dependent undergraduate students with no more than 23 000 as the aggregate limit for subsidized loans. Stafford loan limits the stafford loan is a federal student loan for students attending an accredited post secondary institution. Stafford student loan limits

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