Salaried Employee Laws Michigan

Salaried employee laws michigan – To be paid on a salary basis means that the employee receives a predetermined amount of compensation each pay period of at least 455 per week or 23 660 per year. Legislative link to the youth employment standards act 90.

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Under federal law overtime is paid at one and a half times the employee s regular rate of pay also known as time and a half for hours worked above 40 in a workweek.

Salaried employee laws michigan. Therefore michigan s overtime minimum wage is 14 48 per hour one and a half times the regular michigan minimum wage of 9 65 per hour. No reduction of pay is allowed based upon the quality or quantity of work performed. Youth employment standards rules. Salaried employee laws michigan

When both federal and state laws apply the more stringent standard must be observed. Administrative employees are those who engage in non manual work in an office setting. One of the main benefits of being a salaried employee is that your pay is not determined by whether or not you show up late to work. Salaried employee laws michigan

Michigan s overtime minimum wage. Act rules executive orders directives. If you live in michigan michigan labor laws regulate the basic working conditions of both salaried employees usually paid by the month and those who work by the hour. Salaried employee laws michigan

For more information on michigan s minimum wage laws visit our. Under certain state laws you may be required to pay overtime for work over a certain number of hours in a workday. Michigan labor laws require employers to pay employees overtime at a rate of 1 time their regular rate when. Salaried employee laws michigan

Michigan s current minimum wage is 9 25. The only difference is that if you don t show up for more than a week at a time then you won t be paid for that week. Overtime pay also called time and a half pay is one and a half times an employee s normal hourly wage. Salaried employee laws michigan

Employees must receive 1 1 2 times their regular pay rate for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek mi stat. Employment law in michigan. Michigan labor laws for salaried employees executive. Salaried employee laws michigan

If you earn more then the michigan minimum wage rate you are entitled to at least 1 5 times your regular hourly wage for all overtime worked. Generally the work laws apply to both groups although minimum wage and overtime tend to impact hourly workers more than salaried ones. Even if you only work for five or six hours you will be paid for a full day of work. Salaried employee laws michigan

Michigan s overtime law is similar to the federal flsa and covers employers not covered by the federal law. As in the federal law there is no requirement that overtime be paid for hours worked in excess of 8 per. An executive employees main job duty must be to manage a specific department or division of a business. Salaried employee laws michigan

Michigan does not have a law specifically addressing the payment of wages to an employee who leaves employment due to a labor dispute however to ensure compliance with known laws an employer should pay employee all wages due by the regularly scheduled payday for the period in which the termination occurs. Michigan labor laws wage and hour minimum wage. Salaried employee laws michigan

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