Nursing Malpractice Insurance After Retirement

Malpractice insurance after retirement. Yet all that hard work could be at risk if you re ever involved in a malpractice suit even if you have coverage from your employer.

Previously you must understand the background of insurance and get some Nursing malpractice insurance after retirement references in other articles on this website.

I have always been comforted in the knowledge that nso was there if i needed them.

Nursing malpractice insurance after retirement. Malpractice means that the healthcare professional has deviated from professional standards of care or practice which may or may not have resulted in injury or death. I have not had any problems. Upon retirement should you stay licensed and insured.

The retirement erp seems to be one of the least understood or known provisions of lawyers professional liability insurance policies. Nursing 169 about malpractice insurance 20 avoiding liability bulletin 141 ethics 47 industry news 8 patient care 79 risk management 7 wellness fitness 229. I ve had nso malpractice insurance since graduating from nursing school in 1982.

For those who decide to retire the actions they take with respect to maintaining the license and malpractice insurance after the retirement decision has been made depends upon the individual practitioner s plans after retirement his or her financial condition state laws regarding license status inactive status retired status and the ability to reactivate and other factors. The nurses service organization offers malpractice insurance just for nurses. Nso malpractice insurance for nurses.

Though i ve never had a single issue nso is covering me on or off the job. I am an rn and i carry malpractice insurance. Dear am i covered this depends on your individual policy.

I am able to work as a nurse and as an educator without worrying that my employers will cover me. You ve built a career helping patients your colleagues and community. However the coverage may not be enough to protect the nurse.

If you retire after having a claims made policy you may wish to purchase additional tail coverage for actions that may be filed for the next few years after you retire. For a solo practitioner or in some cases a partnership with the attorney is close to retirement generally the last thing the attorney should be doing is shopping their attorney malpractice insurance coverage. Many employers offer some type of malpractice insurance for nurses.

For the past 17 years i was on staff in postanesthesia care. How long after full retirement should i carry this insurance. Fwiw nso charges 1 2 price premiums to inactive and retired nurses to cover volunteer work and good samaritan issues.

It s been in operation for over 40 years and is the nation s largest provider of nursing malpractice insurance serving.

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