North Carolina Divorce Laws Inheritance

North carolina divorce laws inheritance – This section states that in the event of divorce property shall first be divided into two categories. Separate property and marital property.

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North carolina is a no fault state which means the state doesn t consider the actions of either spouse when dividing property during the divorce.

North carolina divorce laws inheritance. The basics of inheritance and divorce. Under state law marital assets are divided as fairly as possible as north carolina adheres to the equitable distribution laws in divorce cases. In order to determine how an inheritance would be addressed in property division we must first look at property division laws in north carolina which are governed by n c g s 50 20. North carolina divorce laws inheritance

If you put your inheritance into a joint account used funds for the good of the household made a significant joint purchase with your spouse using your inherited funds or took other similar actions. Is inheritance considered marital property in a north carolina divorce. You must live in the state for six months prior to filing for divorce. North carolina divorce laws inheritance

Unless the inheritance was giving as a marital gift or the spouse receiving the inheritance contributes the funds into a shared bank account or provides the additional spouse reasonable access to the inherited assets. To get divorced in north carolina the state requires that you and your spouse first live separately for a year. North carolina divorce laws inheritance

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