Missouri Divorce Laws Assets

Missouri divorce laws assets – The spouses share rights to most everything either spouse earns during the marriage and it has to be divided up fairly. After the court has determined the character of the property the court must then set aside to each spouse their non marital property.

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In a divorce there are marital assets and separate assets.

Missouri divorce laws assets. Missouri property division laws according to property division laws in missouri if the divorcing or separating parties aren t able to come to an arrangement regarding the division of their property and other assets the court steps in and makes the decision for them. Rather under current missouri divorce law the court is required to determine whether each item of property is either marital or non marital as described below. Missouri divorce laws property distribution. Missouri divorce laws assets

The general rule is that the court does not divide separate property during a divorce and it stays with the spouse that acquired it. This is considered separate property in missouri. But there are other kinds of non marital property under missouri law which have nothing to do with the date of purchase or acquisition. Missouri divorce laws assets

Each spouse generally gets to keep everything they brought into the marriage plus any gifts or inheritances they recieved during the marriage. This means courts will attempt to divide property and assets in a divorce in a fair and equal way but it doesn t mean that the assets will always be divided on a 50 50 basis. Missouri is not a community property state. Missouri divorce laws assets

One of the issues settled at divorce is the division of the couple s property. Marital property and division of assets in missouri missouri is an equitable distribution state. The most common type of non marital property is something that was acquired before the marriage for example a valuable piece of jewelry or a car that one of the spouses owned outright prior to the marriage. Missouri divorce laws assets

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