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Loandepot rates reddit – When the market takes a turn for the worse they are the first to trim the fat. When things are going well in the market they do great.

Previously you must understand the background of loan and get some Loandepot rates reddit references in other articles on this website.

Hi everyone this is my first time posting to this sub reddit.

Loandepot rates reddit. I currently have an application with a local bank with a rate lock of 3 5 with about 3 to 4k closing costs. They are primarily a refinance phone boiler room. There are a lot of false leads including links that say compare mortgage rates and 30 year. Loandepot rates reddit

Loandepot lifetime guarantee guarantee subject to the conditions and contact requirements outlined below the guarantee applies to the refinancing of an outstanding loan originated by loandepot that is secured by the same property upon which that borrower previously received from loandepot a loan and loandepot lifetime guarantee certificate. I m currently 23 years old and i just crossed the three month mark at my employer so i can start making 401k contributions. We have excellent credit and live in boston. Loandepot rates reddit

Honestly the interest rate almost offsets the crazy selling price since we did not overpay too much. You will likely see the same in the coming months with the big banks mortgage staff. Our interest rate makes the mortgage about equal to what we paid in rent for an apartment. Loandepot rates reddit

A search for sample mortgage rates on the loandepot site is frustrating. Rate assumes a 300 000 loan amount 80 ltv with a credit score of 740. Looking to refinance our mortgage of 540 000. Loandepot rates reddit

You get low 30 year rates and fast approvals. Loan limits may apply. Do yourselves a favor people ask the lo you are working with what the par rates for these loans are. Loandepot rates reddit

Please contact one of our licensed lending officers at 888 983 3240 for a customized rate and payment quote. The above example is for illustration purposes only and uses the following scenario to compare a 15 year fixed and a 30 year fixed rate loan. This customer asked for a 30 year fixed va loan and instead the loan depot guy tells him sure it s a 30 year loan which was actually a. Loandepot rates reddit

Points include any origination discount and lender fees on adjustable rate loans interest rates are subject to potential increases over the life of the loan once the initial fixed rate period expires. 30 year fixed is what we re looking into. I make 23 08 an hour or roughly 48k a year pre tax. Loandepot rates reddit

I just lost a client because he was told by loan depot that they could get him a 2 5 on a 30 year loan. We ended up waiving the appraisal contingency and went over asking by 10k but the house appraised for the selling price which was a huge relief. When rates go up they do huge layoffs. Loandepot rates reddit

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