Indiana Expungement Law 2019

Indiana expungement law 2019 – In 2019 indiana expungement law experienced some very significant developments. 2019 amendments effective july 1 2019 there are two new sections to the statute.

Previously you must understand the background of law and get some Indiana expungement law 2019 references in other articles on this website.

With the signing of house bill 1541 this week the expungement laws in indiana are about to change dramatically for the better for individuals who wish to file for expungement starting july 1 2019.

Indiana expungement law 2019. So this means that for a level 1 2 3 4 or 5 felony or a class a b or c felony your expungement is not mandatory. Eric holcomb on wednesday signed into law a measure eliminating confusion in the courts and establishing that the waiting period to obtain an expungement begins on the date a felony conviction is entered and does not start anew if that conviction is later reduced to a misdemeanor. 2019 saw some important updates to the indiana expungement laws for expunging and sealing criminal records. Indiana expungement law 2019

The biggest change in the indiana expungement law in 2019 was adding a new section that allows petitioners to request expungement and sealing of collateral actions meaning those cases that were directly related to the criminal case. Now effective july 1 2019 new changes to indiana s expungement law have gone into effect. New indiana expungement laws coming july 2019. Indiana expungement law 2019

Changes in indiana expungement laws prior to the most recent legislative change indiana law has never allowed for the expungement of protective orders forfeitures or specialized driving privilege. To be specific indiana hb 1541 changes the words expunge seal and redact to destroy or permanently delete. The indiana expungement statutes continue to experience yearly modifications. Indiana expungement law 2019

The court may use its discretion. To be specific it reads any records in the clerk s possession that relate to the arrest criminal charges juvenile delinquency allegation vacated conviction or vacated juvenile. Since the indiana expungement law was enacted in 2013 the laws have been updated every year and this year was no exception. Indiana expungement law 2019

As section 4 of the indiana expungement law deals with more serious crimes even if you meet all the requirements the court may grant your expungement but it is not mandatory. 35 38 9 continues to provide the current procedures and provisions related to this topic. On july 1 2019 the law was further tweaked to benefit those that need an indiana criminal record expungement. Indiana expungement law 2019

This article has been revised to replace references to the expungement plaintiff s name with his initials after the indiana supreme court ruled in his favor. The indiana attorney general s office says residents who ve had felony convictions expunged from their criminal records are eligible in most circumstances to again buy and obtain a license to. Indiana expungement law 2019

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