Immigration Lawyer Degree Requirements

Immigration lawyer degree requirements – A bachelor s degree a doctoral degree and a state issued license to practice law are required. Educational requirements in order to practice law as an immigration lawyer one must have a bachelor s degree and a juris doctor law degree.

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Law degree programs last three.

Immigration lawyer degree requirements. But some law school graduates go on to pursue other degrees or credentials requiring additional study such as the master of laws llm or the doctor of science of law doctor of juridical science jsd or sjd. Acceptance into such graduate level programs can be competitive and requires candidates to hold a bachelor s degree and take the law school admission test lsat. For most people planning to practice law including immigration law the jd is the standard degree. Immigration lawyer degree requirements

In order to become an immigration lawyer it is necessary to complete a 4 year bachelor s degree as well as a 3 year juris doctor j d degree following the exact same steps to become a lawyer of any other variety. After completing the necessary immigration lawyer education graduates will have to pass the bar exam in order to receive a license to practice law. During law school in order to specialize in immigration law the course load includes classes in citizenship advising interviewing and statutory analysis. Immigration lawyer degree requirements

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