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Easiest bachelor degree reddit – However my company has no interest in what the degree is in. All degrees aren t the same.

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Which easy college majors have the best career prospects.

Easiest bachelor degree reddit. An online degree is usually more convenient than an on campus degree but an. Hard degrees are in higher demand than soft degrees because you actually have skills when you graduate. Philosophy is basically a lit degree only the concepts are even more complex. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

But these numbers don t tell the whole story. The traditional bachelor s degree takes at least four years to complete. You ll learn how individuals behave within certain situations and. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

Although easy is a very relative term this list provides information to help you to choose an easy online bachelor s degree since what one student finds easy another will not just what makes for an easy online bachelor s degree depends on the student s interests and abilities. Earning a graduate degree is customary for those who wish to pursue a career in social work. Either reddit is upper class af or these statistics are all wrong. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

Average weekly study hours. It doesn t matter what the degree in as long as it is from an accredited institution. I know i m going to get judged for this question but what degree would you say is the easiest fastest. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

I just want to be able to devote some time and have something to put on my resume. Im assuming this isn t representative of the population though as people without a lot of money won t be as promoted to respond. But some accelerated college programs let you complete an entire bachelor s degree in far less time sometimes under a year depending on what you study and how aggressively you complete courses. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

Psychology majors study the inner workings of the human psyche. Four years is a long time to be in school. And neither do i for the most part. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

Find schools with education majors that match your profile. My career is being held back because i don t have a degree. As a history major you could land a job as the director of operations and rake in almost 75 000 a year. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

The 14 easiest majors to study in college. I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people with 100k or more under the age of 30. We are including education on the list of easiest majors because of the high average gpa. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

My career path includes moving up to a program manager and or executive level position and to get there i need at least a bachelor s degree. I hear often that a biology major can be completely. From an employer s perspective what use would you have for someone that got the easiest degree. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

I am 40 years old and 17 years into a career in web development and project management but i do not have a degree. The easiest major you can take is in a subject that you love to study and enjoy the work you do for the major. If you earn a bachelor s degree in one of the following fields you can expect to earn an average salary of between 55 000 and 62 000. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

But am not sure how long after obtaining my bachelors i would like to persue more education. Easiest bachelor degree reddit

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