Alabama Lemon Law Private Seller

Alabama lemon law private seller – In a sale between two individuals neither of whom is a car dealer in most states the only obligation on the seller is to answer your questions honestly and not hide anything that they realize you would want to know about. Call us today for help.

Previously you must understand the background of law and get some Alabama lemon law private seller references in other articles on this website.

Our lemon law lawyers represent new used car buyers who may have purchased a defective automobile.

Alabama lemon law private seller. Alabama lemon law lemon laws were created to offer buyers a way to obtain a refund or replacement for a defective motor vehicle. Buckle up and drive safely. Under this law the manufacturer of the vehicle may have to refund a buyer or pay for the repairs of the vehicle so long as the vehicle and mechanical issues meet certain requirements. Alabama lemon law private seller

If your bill of sale indicates that you bought the car with the agreement and understanding that it was purchased as is there is no warranty. The lemon law does not cover motor homes or any motor vehicle having a. Remember that alabama s lemon law only applies to new vehicles. Alabama lemon law private seller

2210 helton drive florence alabama 35630 telephone. The alabama lemon law covers self propelled vehicles intended primarily for use and operation on the public highways. If a motor vehicle has been returned to the manufacturer under the provisions of this chapter or a similar statute of another state whether as the result of a legal action or as the result of an informal dispute settlement proceeding it may not be resold in this state unless. Alabama lemon law private seller

The alabama lemon law is designed to protect buyers from defective motor vehicles. Mccutcheon hamner p c. But buying a car in a private sale can be risky business because the law is very different from a car dealer sale. Alabama lemon law private seller

This does not include motor homes or vehicles weighing over 10 000 lbs. Alabama lemon law section 8 20a 4 resale of returned motor vehicle. Alabama s lemon law covers self propelled vehicles intended for primary use on highways. Alabama lemon law private seller

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