Alabama Divorce Laws Debt

Alabama divorce laws debt – Debts in alabama are treated just like assets in a divorce. This means that they will be divided fairly and equitably although not necessarily on a 50 50 basis.

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Debt allocation in albama during divorce courts in the state of alabama have wide discretion in deciding how to divide marital debt between couples.

Alabama divorce laws debt. The laws that determine how property and debts are divided during divorce are different in each state. Then if the other party defaults you are protected. Instead alabama judges determine property division under the equitable distribution policy which means that the court divides property between the spouses in what is believed to be a fair distribution based on each individual s contributions to the marriage and their earning ability and needs following separation. Alabama divorce laws debt

States follows a system called equitable distribution. In addition to the alabama codes there are numerous rules of procedure that apply to how a divorce case is processed through the court and what actions and deadlines apply to the divorcing spouses. Alabama like roughly half of all u s. Alabama divorce laws debt

Marital property is simply anything owned by the husband or wife which has been used for the benefit of the marriage. As we ve mentioned in alabama debts are divided equitably between the parties. It does not matter whose name is on the title. Alabama divorce laws debt

So long as the division has a legal basis a court is often permitted to divide debt however the court decides. Alabama is not a community property state which means that marital property is not automatically divided 50 50 between the spouses in a divorce case. It should be noted that any premarital debt acquired by one spouse is their debt exclusively unless the other spouse added to that particular account such as using a credit card. Alabama divorce laws debt

Alabama law requires a division of marital property to be equitable meaning that it must be fair. One of the challenges divorcing couples must face is dividing their marital property and assigning marital debts. The circuit courts located in each county in alabama have exclusive jurisdiction to process and rule on divorce cases. Alabama divorce laws debt

Also as part of your divorce settlement agreement you can have your ex spouse agree to make a good faith effort to refinance debt in their name only. Alabama divorce laws are found in alabama code title 30 with different topics separated by chapters. Generally alabama law requires a divorce court to first determine what are the marital assets as distinct from separate property of the parties. Alabama divorce laws debt

Under this system all of the debts and assets that married couples share are divided according to a principle of equity or fairness. Factors such as one spouse. Alabama divorce laws debt

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